Roaming Reptiles is Coming Back to Shafter! by Amerika Nino-Rodriguez

Due to popular demand, the Shafter Learning Center and Kern County Shafter Branch Library invite you to two more Roaming Reptile shows! Space is limited, please fill out the form below to reserve a spot for either Friday, July 27th from 2-3p OR Wednesday, August 8th from 12-1p.

Roaming Reptiles
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BC Advising at the Shafter Learning Center by Karlene Hernandez

Bakersfield College will be providing services at the Shafter Learning center to help anyone move forward in their educational path. The Shafter Learning Center is now taking appointment requests for Bakersfield College Advising hours. To request an appointment at the Learning Center please visit:

Saturday, July 21, 2018: 8a-12p & 1-5p
Tuesday, August 8, 2018: 3p-7p
Tuesday, August 14, 2018: 3p-7p

Mayra Reyes: From Shafter to Berkeley by Lizeth Carrillo

Congratulations to fellow Shafter Education Partnership tutor Mayra Reyes!

The Shafter Learning Center wishes you the best in all of your future endeavours!


See below for a partial piece on Mayra written by Emma Goss from Eyewitness News on June 8, 2018.


This fall, Mayra Reyes is moving from the fields of Shafter to the fields of science and engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, but it wasn't simply academic achievement that got her there.

At age 17, Reyes and her family immigrated from Mexico to Shafter, and Reyes faced culture shock and a language barrier.

"It was hard because I didn't know any English. I didn't know how to write, how to speak English."

She picked it up rather quickly, and Reyes, now 22, recently graduated in the top of her class from Taft College with degrees in mathematics and engineering.

She now has a full ride to UC Berkeley's civil engineering program.


For full article click here:

Mock SAT in May by Lizeth Carrillo

A great SAT can open doors and win scholarships. Taking the Mock SAT at the Learning Center can help you get there. MSAT will quickly tell you what you need to practice to do your best.
No fees. No waivers. No waiting.

Mock in May so you can master the SAT.
May 19, 2018

Snacks and pizza provided!

Sign up early to get a special commemorative T-shirt!

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T-shirt guaranteed only for the first 45 registrations.

New Course at the Learning Center! / ¡Nueva Clase en el Centro de Aprendizaje! by Lizeth Carrillo

Students are invited to join us during Scholar Hour to participate in fun, interactive activities that help strengthen their independent and cooperative learning skills.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays students will work with Mr. Ruby to complete non-math homework and discover new ways to make learning fun.  On Mondays and Wednesdays students will work with Kern County Library staff on academically enriching activities like chess, mancala, and other games that incorporate math, literature, art and science.

Estudiantes están invitados a nuestra Hora Académica para participar en actividades que son divertidas e interactivas y ayudaran con su aprendizaje. En los Martes y Jueves, los estudiantes trabajaran con Mr. Ruby para completar tarea no relacionada a matemáticas y descubrir nuevas maneras para aprender con diversión. Los Lunes y Miércoles estudiantes trabajaran con los empleados de la Biblioteca de Kern County en actividades académicamente enriquecedoras  como por ejemplo ajedrez, mancala y otros juegos que incorporan matemáticas, literatura, arte y ciencia.