3/4 Keyboarding & Computer Programming (M-F) 8:15a-9:45a

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3/4 Keyboarding & Computer Programming (M-F) 8:15a-9:45a


In this course students will work in a lab environment to develop and improve keyboarding and computer programming skills. Keyboarding students will use the latest edition of Typing.com to improve their touch-typing technique, accuracy and speed. Students that have completed the Keyboarding course will be able to choose from doing projects in the Code Studio courses on Code.org or Scratch.mit.edu. Students will have a lesson log that guides them and tracks their progress. The instructor will act as a facilitator helping the students work through the projects and lessons on their log. Students will be encouraged to help others as cooperative learning is also a goal of the course.

This course is instructed by John Ruby and is scheduled various weeks such as; 

Week 1: June 4 to June 8

Week 2: June 11 to June 15

Week 7: July 23 to July 27

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