5/6 Math Review (M-F) 8:15-9:45a

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5/6 Math Review (M-F) 8:15-9:45a


In this class, we will be reviewing Math concepts to get ready for school in a few more weeks. After all the summer fun, we need to jump start our math brains to do better in school. Math is a part of everyday life, but we will be focusing on Multiplication facts with lots of games and tricks. We will also rediscover division and use this to work with fractions. This will all be review of what we have been using the past few years, and will help us step up our math game to be ready to take off in class.

This course is instructed by Mattie Jacobs and is scheduled various weeks such as:

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Week 7: July 23 to July 27

Week 8: July 30 to August 3

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