Advance Shafter



  • Shafter High students enrolled in AP classes at Shafter High or at the Shafter Learning Center can become eligible for the program by attending at least three hours of special tutoring/study sessions with their instructor.

  • This qualifies them for a $35 reduction in the cost of their AP exam.

  • It also qualifies them for a cash reward for success on the exam. For each qualifying score of 3, students will receive $100. For each 4, they will receive $150, and for each 5, they will receive $200.

We believe that the true value of succeeding in AP coursework is significantly higher than these amounts, but we hope that this tangible and immediate benefit will reduce financial barriers to success and perhaps motivate students to do what is necessary in the present to reap long-term benefits in the future. 

If you have any questions, please email


Students who will take an AP exam should turn in a completed application packet to an AP instructor by November 1, 2018 or to the Shafter Learning Center before December 1, 2018. A completed application packet includes:

Additionally, if students would like to request that their reward be made out to another individual the following form will also need to be included in the application packet: Recipient Change Request Form

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