Introducing Our First Classes / by David Franz

In the long run, communities that value learning and invest in education flourish.  This is one of the convictions that guides the Shafter Education Partnership.  In that spirit, we are excited to introduce our first wave of summer classes.  Check back, there is more to come. 

You can browse the courses and register students using the menus at the top of the page under "Learn."

One of the primary goals of the Learning Center is be a place where students with the ambition and ability to advance are given opportunities to do so.  That is why we offer advanced classes in math and writing in the middle and upper grades. We want to see students grow and flourish and develop skills that will help them throughout life.  The more immediate measure of success, however, is how well our students perform on Advanced Placement (AP) exams.  Passing an AP exam shows that a student is truly ready for the rigor of college. It gives university admissions officers confidence and in some cases, allows a student to earn college credits. Preparation to maximize AP exam success should begin well before high school.  

You will notice that we are charging a fee for each course. This was a difficult decision. There are several reasons we decided to charge for courses.

First, it helps us ensure that we are offering classes that people value. If families are not willing to pay even a small fee for a class, that is a sign we need to make a change.

Second, with our small class sizes, we want to be sure that everyone who signs up is serious about coming.  Charging a fee helps us do this and ensures that we do not save a spot for someone who isn't expecting to attend.

Finally, as we work to grow our community's culture of learning, it is important that the practice of investing in education is shared as widely as possible. Paying reminds us that learning has value and is worth investing in.

We do not want any student to be excluded because of finances. These classes are offered at prices that are a small fraction of their cost and far below fees charged at similar classes in other places. We are also considering ways to ensure that even a low price is not a barrier for any student who is eager for a chance to excel and willing to work. If you know of a student in that position, please let us know.