Summer Scholars Contest: Sneak Peek / by David Franz

For the past few years, we have held a reading contest in the summer, encouraging students to train their minds in the "off-season."  Last year, we added math to the contest (using the Khan Academy) along with competition between schools.  As a result, participation more than tripled last year. Hundreds of students learned new things and read a lot of books over the summer, some earned "Summer Scholar" T-shirts and Golden Oak Elementary earned the right to house the Stack of Books Trophy for this school year.   

This year, we have some very exciting plans to grow the contest.  It is too early to reveal all the details, but for eager beavers, here is a hint - dust off that old Khan Academy account (or create one) and start working through math missions.  If you can complete the mission for your current grade level, you will earn points for you and your school this summer. If you complete grade level missions above your current grade level, you will earn even more.  Work you do on Khan Academy now WILL COUNT for the summer contest!  As long as you don't lose your Khan account, your work will be saved.