College Graduates in the Valley / by David Franz

It is no secret that we have educational challenges in the Valley. The chart below is just one snapshot of those challenges.  Note that the gaps between Kern County and the state and the nation are getting worse, not better.

Educational Attainment in KC.JPG

College may not be for everyone.  However, most Shafter High graduates want to go to college and even enroll after high school. But college is difficult and too few actually finish.  Less than a quarter of students at CSUB and Fresno State finish in 4 years and only half finish in 6 years. College readiness, more than "brain drain," is what makes the chart above look like it does.  

For example, the chart below shows how many AP exams are passed per senior in Kern and Fresno Counties compared to the state as a whole. AP is a particularly good measure of college readiness, because it simulates a college course, but the story is the same across measures of college readiness.  We are simply not preparing enough students to succeed in college. 

chart_2 (1).png

This is something we can change in Shafter.  Students who want to work hard and prepare for college level work will be given every opportunity to do so at the Learning Center. Go to "Learn" at the top of the page to sign up a student today.