A Gymnasium for the Mind / by David Franz

One of the purposes of the Shafter Education Partnership is to ensure that our students are not limited by anything but their own ambition, that they have every opportunity to be challenged and to excel. Today marks an important step toward realizing that goal.  We are releasing a bunch of new summer classes, bringing the total up to 22 (with a few more to be added in the coming days and weeks).  They include everything from computer science to our local watershed, public speaking to ancient myths to SATs to calculus. We are very proud of our lineup of classes and the team of instructors that will be leading them.  

Please browse yourself.  

This is just the beginning. We hope to grow from here and we will be learning quickly as we go. But it is worth pausing for a moment to celebrate the where we are. Few communities have anything like this. It is only possible because of decades of leadership that has been willing to take on hard projects with long-term benefits. So do check out our classes and, even if you don't have children who will benefit directly, you can be proud, Shafter, of the place and the people we are building together.