Summer Scholars Contest Rules / by David Franz


Individual students can earn a Summer Scholar T-Shirt by achieving one of their goals by August 16.  


The school with the most points per enrolled student will earn the right to keep and display the Stack of Books Summer Scholar Trophy for the year and have their school name printed on the trophy.

How to earn a T-Shirt

There are two ways to earn a Summer Scholar T-Shirt.

Accelerated Reader Goal

5 AR points per grade level.

For example, a student currently in Kindergarten would need 5 AR points to earn a shirt, a student in 1st grade would need to earn 10 points, and so on. Points count for the contest starting May 15.

Khan Academy Math Goal 

Complete the mission for their current (2013-14) grade level.  K-2 students need to complete the “Early Math” mission to reach their math goal.

How to Win the Competition

Reaching either the reading or the math goal is enough to earn a T-Shirt.  Each goal is also worth 10 points for the school.  However, students who complete Khan Academy missions beyond the grades they have completed in school can earn bonus points: An additional 20 points for completing the mission for the grade they will be going into, an additional 30 points for completing the grade beyond that, and so on.  For example a student who just finished 3rd grade and completed the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade missions, would earn a total of 60 points for their school.