Challenging Advanced Students

In Shafter, we believe students should be limited only by their ambition. Through technology, summer programs, and flexible scheduling, students at Richland Junior High can complete an extra year of math, positioning themselves to take more Advanced Placement classes in high school.

High School students can take our honors classes to be exposed to new disciplines and prepare for the rigor of college. The Shafter Learning Center expands opportunities for academic enrichment across grade levels.    

We are proud of how our students respond to challenge. In 2013, Richland Junior High had among the highest percentage of eighth grade students score proficient or advanced in Algebra in Kern County. 


Advance Shafter

Students in AP classes can participate in the Advance Shafter Program which is a new program that embodies the Shafter community's commitment to academic excellence. This program is aimed at increasing the number of students who succeed in Advanced Placement (AP)* classes.

Success on the comprehensive, nationally graded, end of course exams that follow each AP class is weighed heavily in college admissions and, in most cases, counts for college credit. This means that students can earn their college degree in less time and at less cost.  On average, passing a single AP test saves students more than $600 in tuition alone. 

These benefits make the cost of AP exams ($91) a great value.  However, being ready to master college-level work in high school requires a lot more than money. It takes years of hard work and academic preparation. We will have more to announce on this at a later date. The first component of the Advance Shafter Program is financial.  


* Advanced Placement and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board.