9-12 Topics in U.S. History (M-F) 1:35p-4:35p

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9-12 Topics in U.S. History (M-F) 1:35p-4:35p


This interdisciplinary course will help students explore the ways indigenous American and Latino immigrant experiences were shaped by and contributed to American history and a diverse American identity. This is an important stream in American history and necessary for understanding the story of the nation. This is especially clear in California and the Central Valley. In preparation for the AP U.S. History exam students will need to study various aspects of the history of our country. Study of these topics will be useful for students who plan on taking the AP U.S. History course. Students are encouraged to attend both weeks as different topics will be covered each week.

This course is instructed by Jorge Maldonado and is scheduled various weeks such as;

Week 1: June 4 to June 8

Week 2: June 11 to June 15

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