Invent a Class


We are looking for interesting classes and amazing people to lead them. Classes are for grades 3 through 12 (specific classes will typically combine two grade levels together). Instructors design and teach a course that will challenge students, help them explore new topics, or to deepen knowledge in an area of interest. 

Here are some example course titlesSecrets of the Earth (Geology), Codes and Code Breaking (Math), How Things Fly and Fall (Physics), Predicting the Future in Sports, Weather, and Politics (Statistics), and The Journey of a T-Shirt (International Trade). Classes should be attractive to students and parents and go beyond the typical curriculum. We are particularly interested in math and science related topics, Advanced Placement prep courses for high school students, and courses related to academic competitions. Classes typically meet for 15-20 hours per session. School year sessions are 8 weeks long, summer sessions are 5 weeks long. Students are not typically expected to do work outside of class time. Specific class schedules will be determined by the Program Director. Most New Classes will meet on Fridays and Saturdays.

Expertise, passion for the subject, and for sharing knowledge are essential for instructors. We value both teaching and field experience. A teaching credential is not required. Compensation is competitive and depends upon qualifications.  In addition to passion and expertise, our expectations are:

  • Maintain high levels of student engagement (Classes are voluntary. Students need to enjoy them and parents find them worthwhile).
  • Reliable professionalism.
  • A class syllabus, parent letter introducing yourself at the beginning of the course, and a report (template provided) to parents at the end of the course.
  • A short biography and a digital photo to be posted on our website.

To submit a proposal, complete and submit the form below and email a resume to David Franz by the proposal due date.

Dates to Remember

  • Proposal Due Date: March 17
  • Interviews: Week of March 31
  • Notifications: Week of April 7
  • Syllabus, Biography, Photo, and Parent Letter due at Orientation (June 6th for Session 1, July 11 for Session 2)
  • Report to Parents due at the end of the session.
  • Session 1 classes run from June 9 to July 11 (Fourth of July off)
  • Session 2 classes run from July 14 to August 16.
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What is the big idea of your class in 2-3 sentences?
Example: "Why is the sky blue? Do stars twinkle? Young astronomers discover the answers to these and many other questions as they study our sky. An interdisciplinary approach and engaging activities will give students a better understanding of the solar system and Earth's place in it."