Summer Reading Academy

We are dedicated to making sure every student in Shafter reads well by third grade.

For students in grades 1 through 3, we offer summer reading academies and after school programs to give students as much time as they need with teachers and tutors to learn to read and to love reading. 

We have also invested in making reading materials available, keeping school libraries open in the summer, and sending tens of thousands of high quality, new books home with students before Christmas and summer vacations. 

These efforts combine with outstanding classroom instruction and support to produce strong results. Since the launch of the reading programs in 2011, reading speed and accuracy have increased steadily and significantly each year. Circulation at the Shafter branch of the county library is up ten percent. Circulation at school libraries is up nearly forty percent.  According to student surveys, home libraries are more than ten percent larger and the percentage of students with less than ten books at home has been nearly cut in half. In short, the future is bright.