Teacher Checklist

Welcome Learning Center Teachers!


We are glad that you decided to help us invest in the Shafter community and Shafter students. You have a critical role in a project that is unique, important, and absorbingly fun. We hope you find it fun and that you have the chance to see how your work fits within the broader efforts we are making here. For those of us with special feelings for this place, we are in exciting times.

As you prepare for your course and have questions, please don't hesitate to email anrodriguez@shafterlearning.com or call 746-5055.



Below you will find a couple of items to review and complete before your course begins:

  1. Review Teacher Packet & Prepare Course Material

  2. Fill Out and Submit W9 Form to the Shafter Learning Center

  3. Fill Out, Process and Submit Live Scan Form*

  4. Submit a Mandated Reporter Certificate** to the Shafter Learning Center

  5. Watch Training Videos

*You may process your Live Scan on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 1-4p at the Shafter Police Department located at 201 Central Valley Highway, Shafter, CA 93263 or at a location of your choice that processes these forms. Please note that there is a fee to complete this. 

**If you do not have a Mandated Reporter Certificate please email anrodriguez@shafterlearning.com to obtain instructions on how to complete this step.